Tense Bracelet L/S


Wooden Bracelet – Leadwood/Silver

Ladies size Leadwood & Stainless Steel bracelet

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The Tense Wooden Bracelet features stainless steel clasp and reinforced links between our reclaimed Walnut, Leadwood or Zebrawood band. Easily adjustable to fit all sizes.

There are Three versions including a reclaimed American Walnut, which is known for its light brown to chocolate brown heartwood as well as its distinctive texture, grain patterns, and durability. The Bracelet is also available in reclaimed Leadwood, an African tree that features a rich reddish brown color which darkens with age and has a fine uniform texture. Lastly, you can get the Bracelet in reclaimed Zebrawood. This heartwood features golden yellow, against distinct narrow streaks of dark brown to black, giving Zebrawood its name, and a very unique grain texture.

Please note that due to the nature of wood, all products are unique, one-of-a-kind, and will differ from the one pictured on our website.
All Tense Watches are Proudly Made In Canada with reclaimed wood.