DayClock CL-P-E

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DayClock CL-P-E


Day-of-the-Week Wall Clock with Pine Wood Frame

  • 9.5” solid wood frame with glass cover
  • Markers indicate midnight and noon each day
  • Designed to be easily read from across the room
  • Battery operated, virtually silent operation
  • No assembly required, easy to install

The idea for the ultimate retirement gift was conceived one July in the heart of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. Our founders had been dirt sailing for several days, knowing their wives would be arriving that Friday. The problem was they lost track of the days and their wristwatches only gave them the time…which didn’t help. After several beers around the campfire an idea for a day-of-the-week clock took shape. The result was the DayClocks Classic Series wall clock, a timepiece that would provide them with the only information they required – the day of the week.

Since launching the original Classic Series in 2003 we have continued to develop unique, fun, functional and stylish wall clock designs, crafted from quality materials and supported with five-star customer service.

The perfect clock for anyone fortunate enough to measure life in days, not hours.

Losing track of what day it is? A DayClocks wall clock can fix that. Never lose track of the day of the week again — one glance at your DayClock and your week in on track. Fun and unique conversation piece for home, cabin, boat or RV. The best retirement gift or grandparents gift under $50!

Rd Pine day of the week classic